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Muldoon High Pennant

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Bishop Muldoon High School, Rockford's only all-girl high school, operated for 41 years, from 1929 to 1970. Named for Rev. Peter J. Muldoon, it began as St. Thomas High School in 1910 at St. James School in Rockford. In 1929, separate schools were built for boys and girls. The boys attended the new St. Thomas High School on Mulberry Street and the girls attended the newly constructed Muldoon High School located at Stanley and Elm Streets. Bring back the fond memories of going to school at Muldoon; the uniforms, the hall guards, and many dances. And yes, prom dresses did need to be inspected to be sure there was proper coverage for the events.

Made with Wool Felt in the U.S.A.