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The Tees We Use

Bygone Brand uses Bella+Canvas high-quality combed and ring-spun cotton tees to give you the softest comfort and best fit. Don’t let the softness fool you, these aren’t cheap or flimsy shirts. Here’s why.

Combed & Ring-spun cotton: Ring-spun cotton is smoother and longer than carded open end yarn which is used in many other brands. The term “ring-spun” means that the yarn goes through an innovative spinning process that’s designed to thoroughly soften and straighten each fiber. The result? Softer, more refined and durable fibers. The cotton fibers are then combed to remove impurities and enhance the luxurious hand feel.

Single is a term that refers to the diameter of a yarn, determined by number of times you twist the fiber. The higher the single, the finer the yarn and the softer resulting garment. Think of it like you do sheets—a higher thread count means softer the sheets! Most cheap shirts are made from 18 or 20 singles. All of our tees are 30 singles or higher!

Side-seamed: Side Seams create the tailored structure a tee needs to fit correctly and are used in retail stores. Tubular Tees are cheaper to manufacture because they require less sewing. They are made by cutting “tubes” of fabric, so they’re exactly the same in the front and the back. Because of this, and the fact that our bodies are not tubes, these types of tees tend not to fit right.

The end result is a comfortable, soft and long-lasting tee you can be proud to own.

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