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St. Louis World’s Fair 1904 T-shirt

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From April 30 to December 1, 1904, people from all over traveled to St. Louis in order to celebrate the centennial of the Louisiana Purchase. This fair attracted over 20 million people who saw many wonders that included a cow made of butter to a ferris wheel that could hold 2,160 people at a time. Forest Park, the grounds where the fair was held, was transformed into a wonderland filled with beautiful buildings and captivating landscapes. The centerpiece of the World’s Fair was the Festival Hall and the Cascades. This was the largest of all world fairs and it put St. Louis in the global spotlight. Forever after, the Louisiana Purchase Exposition became a powerful symbol and a source of pride for the city.

52% combed and ring-spun cotton 48% polyester, preshrunk, 4.2 oz. Super soft with a fashion fit.